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Dine-in & Take-out Ordering Made Easy

Omnichannel Ordering

Individual / group food ordering communicating directly to your Chef and get real time item status

Ingredient Detailing

Ingredient level detailing for all items with customization & allergen warning

Payment Sharing

Pay or split payments directly at the table without the need for a third party app

Lets talk Food!!

Custo also brings it's unique feed called Custo Social that allows customers to post food images, make recommendations and take advantage of peer suggestions. Restaurants will benefit from Custo Social as they now will have a platform to market directly to their customers via new product announcements, specials, and flash offers and partner with their customers for promotional activities.

custo Social takes your ordering experience to another level as it's no more just ordering, but it's about letting the world know where to get the best of the best foods.
custo Social transcends your ordering experience to an interconnected network of food and people.

How we work

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